Payment Policy

Thank you for choosing myPocketMarketing for your marketing and branding needs; we will gladly be of assistance to you and your request upon agreement to our Company Payment Policy.

Payments For Services:

myPocketMarketing requires 100% of recurring marketing fees to be paid at the beginning of each month. For projects, a 50% or agreed upon deposit once the project terms provided in the estimate are agreed to. If project scope changes or additional items are added, a revised estimate will be provided for client(s) signature.

Upon final approval and project completion, myPocketMarketing requires final payment prior to releasing any and all proiect deliverables. myPocketMarketing will not release any project work, or design files, to a client(s), vendor(s), and/or launching/releasing website files regardless of deadlines until final payment is received.

Standard Payment Terms:

myPocketMarketing invoices are sent following client approval [terms: due upon recipient]. If the invoice is not paid in full within two weeks (14 days) of the invoice date, there will be a LATE FEE added (3%) to all pending invoice(s). 

Invoices over 30 days late will be subject to a 3% MONTHLY FINANCE CHARGE.

All projects in production & recurring responsibilities will stop immediately until payment is received in FULL.

Payment Forms Accepted:

myPocketMarketing prefers payment by ACH/eCheck.

Credit card payments can be accommodated by request. A 3% service charge will be added to all invoices paid by credit card.

Paper Checks are to be made payable to MYPOCKETMARKETING, LLC and will incur a $5 processing fee.

Send checks to: ℅ Daniel Proczko, MYPOCKETMARKETING, LLC, 1709 Winton Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49001

Intellectual Property Rights and Regulations:

myPocketMarketing is the sole owner of all graphic design elements designed, content &/or copywriting, and processes developed. If used without remitting payment for any and all design elements, myPocketMarketing has the right to terminate all projects immediately. If intellectual property is not removed immediately, legal actions will be taken as this is considered stolen property. myPocketMarketing has the right to add and display all design elements created by myPocketMarketing to our website and/or social media platforms.

myPocketMarketing is not to be held responsible for any grammatical and/or spelling errors. myPocketMarketing will review artwork and content to the best of our ability, but it is the client(s) responsibility to make sure all content is proofread and correct prior to final approval. If an error is found after a project is released; myPocketMarketing will correct the design file(s) to satisfaction, but cannot be held accountable for any content errors, and no charges will be refunded.

myPocketMarketing, LLC.: Iss. 2 • Rev. 02/2023