Marketing Assessment

Analyze your current marketing efforts to reveal gaps, identify hidden revenue, and develop a realistic growth plan delivered in a 30+ page report.

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3-Stage Assessment Process

Over 3 stages, an MPM Marketing Assessment™ will collect & deliver insights for proven and actionable marketing recommendations to generate more revenue, engage new customers, and increase profit.

Step #1

Goals & Data-Collection

The first step is to understand your organization’s goals and bring together all the relevant data.

Step #2

Marketing Analysis

We’ll take a deep dive into the data to identify marketing gaps, opportunities for growth, and other insights.

Step #3

Executive Summary Presentation

We’ll the deliver a 30+ Page Action Plan and summary of our findings in a 1-2 hour presentation.

Get the 30+ Page Action Plan

Every MPM Marketing Assessment™ includes a 30+ Page Action Plan.

This document is a detailed review of the entire assessment and includes recommendations to help you create and manage more effective marketing campaigns, as well as, eliminate wasteful or unnecessary efforts.

The MPM Marketing Assessment™ explores multiple business areas including, but not limited to:

    1. Audience & Customers
    2. Website & Digital Assets
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Advertising
    5. Content Marketing
    6. Organic & Local Search
    7. Analytics & Reporting
    8. Marketing Automation

Answers to Your Questions

How much does an assessment cost?

Assessments are priced based on complexity. Pricing starts at $2000.

How long does an assessment take to complete?

Typically, assessments are completed within 45 days, culminating with the the delivery of the 30+ page action plan during the executive summary presentation.

Are all clients required to complete a marketing assessment?

No. Not all of our services require a marketing assessment, though completing one will help us to understand your customers, industry, and processes, to deliver higher quality services (a.k.a. more results).

How do you collect the data for an assessment?

Data is collected first and foremost from your systems and historical reports. We also use questionnaires and interviews to build context around the data and your internal processes. All data is kept secret & confidential.

Is the executive summary presentation required?

Yes. The action Plan will only be delivered at an executive summary presetnation with agreed upon stakeholders. This is your team’s opportunity to explore high impact insights with a member of the myPocketMarketing team.