5 Step Process

Step 1 - Discovery Phase

Like with any new relationship, you wouldn’t come into my business and tell me what to fix without first getting to know what’s going on. We want to get to know you, your customer, and your goals first.

  • Understand Business Goals
  • Share Current Wins (what works)
  • Identify Key Customers To Speak With
  • Identify Competitors To Analyze

Step 2 - Market Analysis

After getting to know you, your current efforts, and goals, we’ll take a look at the market to learn how your customers perceive you and where you fall in comparison to your competitors.

  • Analyze market trends in industry
  • Identify how competitors are marketing
  • Identify unique selling points

Step 3 - Creating Your Plan

Now that we’ve learned about you, your competition, and most importantly your customers, we’ll take everything we learned and put it all together into a marketing plan. Whether a website update, social media management, or overall marketing strategy, we’ll help you put it into place and maintain it for success.

  • Document A Strategy
  • Identify platforms and their uses
  • Choose team members for each strategy portion
  • Define Metrics

Step 4 - Updates & Reports

Like any other part of your business, you want to know that things are working and what is getting done. Not only will we communicate completed tasks, but we’ll provide reports that show their effectiveness with clear metrics and understandable analysis.

  • Build an easy to replicate evaluation of efforts
  • Metrics and results dashboard
  • Monthly in-person check-in

Step 5 - Strategy Evaluation & Improvement

Marketing plans, like business plans, are living documents and must be updated as your business grows, as we learn more about market trends and as we learn about the outcomes of marketing efforts. With a team that cares about continued growth and success this mean your marketing strategy will always be evolving to meet the needs of your business.

  • Quarterly or bi-yearly in-depth review of efforts to identify opportunities & pivot strategy.

Are you ready?

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